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Net land, advanced to the hardware and software of easy to introduce user-oriented from the digital solutions, and dealing with products of IT services companies hundreds, includes many also distinctive products in the . Moreover, it is possible to resolve the various issues that can not be realized with existing products and systems by them. Below, we are on the typical case.

Application Development
NuApp is a software which is based on Google Cloud Platform that can be built easily CRM · SFA and business system, the introduction of early, flexible specification changes, characterized by a simple programming, being introduced at the center of the small and medium-sized enterprises we out.
Robot · AI
AI Communication Robot
Robokotto / AI search /
AI chat bot
AI communication robot, automatic conversation in the Japanese economy that inbound demand increases, speech recognition, multi-lingual, improvement of automation and Ministry of humanized and customer satisfaction of the customer answering as features such as AI search, convenient to contribute to the business efficiency up It is a product.
Web site unauthorized login measures tool
Capy puzzle capture / Capy Avatar capture / Capy risk-based authentication
Capy series is a new way to prevent spoofing unauthorized access login that is a vulnerable point of the Web site, the operation is friendly to the simple user, a new security solution to keep the results withdrawal rate. The introduction is simple, because the fewer inquiries from the user, also has significant benefits in terms of cost.
Business system
The remaining amount management and automatic ordering of consumables IoT solutions to achieve
Smart mat
Smart mat is IoT solutions that can inventory management and automatic ordering of only consumables is introduced into the storage shelves and warehouses. Reduction of labor costs and human error in the remaining check and ordering business, is effective in suppression of sales and inventory losses due to missing or expiration expired, etc., case studies in a wide range of fields from office to production and distribution, hospitals and smart home there is.
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