Guidance of corporate IT services

Net land, so that can promote a large number of digital transformation companies like to leverage the ICT, the optimal solutions that meet the various challenges and needs, such as improvement and working styles improvement of improvement and operational efficiency to attract customers rate we propose.

Features of the service
Hundreds of IT companies
handling the product
Regardless of the type of business solution products that meet every need we will introduce.
The self-developed products
IT trading company that does not have
Standing in the customer's point of view we will select and implement the best products / solutions. Also we will quote of multiple items for comparison.
offer price
Estimated price is obtained from the company that supplies each product, we do not have the expenses of negotiation. *
* Cost of customization and maintenance, etc. of products and software are subject to be charged separately on the quote.
Such as matching with customer requirements and existing systems, flexible it corresponds also to the technical demands.
Contact Us or questions, your business meetings, such as maintenance / after-sales service, the employee if it is possible to contact us is to ask immediately to your company, we will correspond.
What worries, also in consultation
please feel free to contact us
The person in charge in your one phone call is
50 minutes * I will ask within.
(Reception time weekdays 9:00 to 17:30)
(Reception time weekdays 9:00 to 17:30)
* 50 minutes is an example of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Please note that there is a case by region and weather can not ask in time.
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