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Yasujiro Okano
Net Land Co., Ltd. 
Bringing companies
to the next generation
Bringing companies
to the next generation
Leading with Internet and smartphones, technology has come a long way
with AI, VR, Drones, and also Blockchain.
Looking at recent technology, I am amazed how far technology has come and because of that we have has entered a new stage
where the economy has become more global and more and more borderless and less boundaries between countries.
Even though Japan has a chance in the inbound marketing, we are also in trouble because of new technology that is able to take over of what is already made.
Even so, we believe that there is always a big chance for us to overcome those big waves that stand in front of us.
In order to make all of this happen, there is going to be a good need of people, team,
and the people that are going to develop the technology and the biggest problem is that none of this is going to be a easy path and is going to be challenging.
With all these problems out there, our company is able to deliver the best service
with our talented engineers and our connections with many innovation related companies.
With that said, giving our best at creating and making Internet / IT products and services
with the perfect and best fit for every client,
we are going to put in our very best in order to install, operate, maintain, and update.
By delivering to advanced engineers and development companies,
we are able to create technology / IT products that matches your market needs, supply and demand.
This is going to play an indispensable role in the future prosperity of our business.
I am willing to contribute to the development of your businesses success.
Net Land Co., Ltd.
岡野 保次郎
Yasujiro Okano
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