Net land will realize the value creation of penetration and venture companies to Japanese companies overall Internet / IT advanced technology to evolve every day. In the corporate IT services business, by its own sales technique, discover the issues and needs of any company. Select the appropriate

products, services and techniques from the net / IT services in the myriad, leads and doing the best suggestions to the next generation of customers. In the incubation business, and knowledge related to business creation, which was developed in groups, provide information about the needs and challenges of user companies to bring the corporate IT services business, to support the creation of new technology companies in its own incubation model.

Support the introduction of net / IT Services
IT service
corporate sales business
Of new net / IT services companies support a listing from entrepreneurs
To the challenges of the company, a new technology making use of the ideas, propose solutions
Of the IT market to entrepreneurs and IT venture to provide realistic information, promote the development

Also, you can sell to companies for the development of products in the incubation department (including test marketing), such as or develop and supply products and services required by the company (including customization) in collaboration with IT entrepreneurs and engineers , we are pursuing the business between the synergy of our unique.

Latest product information

Introduction of new service trial

Information on detailed uses and needs

Ci Tex9

Seamless information sharing

Incubation business

Market information [Company needs, test introduction results etc.]

Technology, new ideas, applications

latest technology

New Idea

Business support

Market information

Provide a test introduction place

Catalogs, Registration